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Sometimes a good cleaning is all a reel needs to function like new again.  Sometimes there is a tiny part that has broken or come loose.  We can help get your reel back in working order.


Repair and cleaning service includes:

  • Complete breakdown and stripping of all oils and grease
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Reassembly with all new, high quality oil and grease


So, if your reel isn't working as well as it once did it may be overdue for a good cleaning.  We reccomend cleaning your reels at least once per year to keep them in the best working condition.  Don't wait for it to give you trouble while on the water...get it cleaned today so it won't slow you down later!  Cleaning can add years of life to your reel.


Reels can be shipped to us for cleaning and repair.  You cover the cost to ship to us and we will ship it back at no additional charge.  Please contact us for more information and to arrange  shipment and payment.


Service Price **New prices effective 1/1/18**

Reel Cleaning    


$20.00 + cost of parts if needed 

*additonal $5 for saltwater reels

Reel Repair


$20.00 + cost of parts (includes complimentary cleaning)

*additonal $5 for saltwater reels 

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